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Daniel Little is the author of Unheard, Unseen..., Conflict In The North & Submarine Lost!

Exciting adventure novels about the Canadian Armed Forces & Canada's Security Agencies.


Halifax Author, Daniel Little

Daniel Little, Genie RocketDaniel Lloyd Little was born in Moncton, New Brunswick during the height of the cold war. From an early age he began to show a great interest in Canadian military subjects. In later years he travelled extensively throughout North America visiting historic sites and museums. The owner of an extensive collection of books and artifacts on military history, Daniel has continued his study of all aspects of warfare from ancient studies to the current era.

Daniel Little's fascination with all things technical led to a successful twenty-eight year management career with Radio Shack, the home electronics chain. He spent many of those years working in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the east coast home of the Royal Canadian Navy. After moving to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 2004, one of the locations in the novel Unheard, Unseen..., he began a new employment adventure as a web consultant, a position he thoroughly enjoyed. Shortly after publishing Conflict in the North in 2009, Daniel moved back to Halifax, Nova Scotia where he would work on his third novel, Submarine Lost! the sequel to Unheard, Unseen... His hobbies include the restoration of military artifacts, model building, and NASCAR motor sports as well as the study of military history & the exploration of historic sites. Submarine Logo

Mission Statement:

I know what you’re thinking. A ‘Mission Statement’ is a business term and I am a writer. More so, living in Canada and my last name not rhyming with Burton or Atwood pretty much precludes any concept of acquiring wealth from my work – heck, I’m happy just breaking even. If you are looking for literary genius, you'll want to skip ahead to the next author on your list. At best I suffer from ‘comma-itis’ and at worst, well, sometimes I let my spell-checker have a little TOO much power (It's airplane hangAr, not hangEr). I know the Governor General will not be calling to inform me that one of my novels has made it on their ‘list’ - I have a better chance of winning the lottery than a GG, and I certainly don’t feverishly check the New York Times listings every week to see if their editors have noticed my literary works. Besides, I'm a little too 'right-wing' for the wine and cheese author set anyway.
My literary goal is to provide readers with exciting fiction involving the men and women, past and present, of the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada's security agencies. The weapons are real. The scenarios are fairly realistic, or certainly possible. For those who think our military has only ever run around the world on Peace Keeping missions, I apologize for the bitter dose of reality. I usually just suggest they Google 'Canadian nuclear weapons' and acquire some real knowledge concerning Canada's military past. 
There are no bigger than life ‘John Wayne’ types in my stories, and the cavalry never comes over the hill just in time to save the day. Real life just isn’t like that, and to suggest otherwise would be a disservice to the brave members of our armed and security services who unselfishly risk their lives to protect our freedoms.

To them, I give my thanks. Submarine Logo
Unheard, Unseen..., by Daniel Little is a riveting adventure thriller involving the Royal Canadian Navy submarine HMCS Corner Brook and US Navy SEALs in a dangerous covert operation that could save the world from future nuclear annihilation. It is 2009 and North Korea has purchased four outdated submarine launched ballistic missile boosters from a French company tasked with destroying the rockets. Because they  are not a weapon in and of themselves, international law governing the sale of strategic weapons can not prevent the acquisition. Both the US and Canadian governments however, know too well what the unstable North Korean leader intends for the rocket boosters in light of his failure to successfully launch a missile of his own. When a carefully planned covert mission by US Navy SEALs to intercept the rockets unravels due to mechanical problems with the US Navy ultra quiet spy submarine USS Jimmy Carter, a replacement must be found and quickly! The surprising solution comes in the form of a Royal Canadian navy submarine. Submarine Logo

Conflict in the North

Conflict in the North is Daniel Little's second exciting novel involving the Canada's Armed Forces! This time the Soviet Union is threatening Canada's North and NORAD and all that stands before them is a small group of Canadian Rangers, and one regular Canadian Army sergeant. It is 1966, and the Cold War is hot! The Prime Minister knows that Canadian Sovereignty is only being given lip service by the world’s two Super Powers, but when a team of Soviet Spetsnaz commandos is discovered in Labrador on a mission to disrupt NORAD’s Pinetree Line communications, he realizes he must act swiftly or risk Canada forever becoming a mere puppet on the world stage. When nuclear armed CF-101 Voodoo's of the Royal Canadian Air Force are scrambled to intercept incoming Soviet bombers, the world is brought to the brink of Armageddon. SubmarineLogo.jpg

Submarine Lost! The exciting sequel to Unheard, Unseen… Once again we follow the adventures of Royal Canadian Navy submariners Chief Petty Officer Darren Cole and Chief Petty Officer 2nd class ‘Cookie’ Barnes. US Navy SEAL Ensign Stu Cunningham is back along with a ‘surprise guest’ from Daniel’s second novel, Conflict in the NorthSubmarine Lost! is an exciting international adventure neatly tying in characters from the two previous novels. Submarine Logo
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