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Unheard Unseen, Daniel LittleUnheard, Unseen... by Daniel Lloyd Little is a riveting adventure thriller involving the Royal Canadian Navy submarine HMCS Corner Brook and US Navy SEALs in a dangerous covert operation that could save the world from future nuclear annihilation.

It is 2009 and North Korea has purchased four outdated submarine launched ballistic missile boosters from a French company tasked with destroying the rockets. Because they  are not a weapon in and of themselves, international law governing the sale of strategic weapons can not prevent the acquisition. Both the US and Canadian governments however, know too well what the unstable North Korean leader intends for the rocket boosters in light of his failure to successfully launch a missile of his own.
When a carefully planned covert mission by US Navy SEALs to intercept the rockets unravels due to mechanical problems with the US Navy ultra quiet spy submarine USS Jimmy Carter, a replacement must be found and quickly! The surprising solution comes in the form of a Canadian submarine.

Commander Michael Simpson, nearing the end of his career with the Royal Canadian navy has few doubts concerning the capabilities of HMCS Corner Brook, and he knows that his crew is the best out there. The only answer to his orders is the same one that has echoed throughout the history of one of the world’s best trained navies; ‘ready, aye ready’. In Unheard Unseen, the author takes the reader on a thrilling adventure as the officers and crew of HMCS Corner Brook and a team of US Navy SEALs undertake a mission fraught with danger!
Here's a sneak preview...
Half an hour later he strolled into HMCS Corner Brook's junior mess to find a few of his crew spellbound as the SEALs checked over their equipment and weapons.
 “Attention on deck!” Boris jumped up when he spotted Commander Simpson.
 “We don’t do that here lieutenant. People keep hitting their heads on things when they stand up too fast.” Mike grinned and extended his hand to Boris.
 “Thank you sir. Just being respectful first time meeting you, sir,” Boris returned the smile and introduced Mike to his men.
 “Good to have you aboard gentlemen,” Mike announced after greeting each of the men in turn. “I hope you find the accommodations acceptable. If the crew become a bit too nosey, just let me or one of the other officers know and we’ll shoo them out.”
 “No, they’re just fine, sir,” said Boris. “We don’t mind educating them about our equipment and getting to know each other, and besides, when we’re out there pounding on the hull to be let back in, we want to think of the whole boat being interested in picking us up,” he finished with a grin.
 “Okay lieutenant. But don’t go recruiting any of them. I understand you met one of my petty officers and brought him back to us.”
 “Chief Cole? Yes sir. Good man…or snoop as we call him,” Boris laughed, then narrowed his eyes. “Of course the Chief of Naval Operations might not see it that way,” he added.
 “Excuse me?” Mike asked, not sure if the lieutenant was joking or not.
 “Oh, you’ll have to ask Mr. Cole about that one, sir. I’m not even sure that it’s not ‘need to know’.” The whole team laughed this time and Mike made a note to have a chat with his chief petty officer and find out what he had done. The CNO? Maybe it’s time for young Mr. Cole to join the surface fleet, thought Mike, afraid to even imagine what might have happened.

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HMCS Onondaga Museum Book Donation
Daniel donates copies of his novel to the Pointe-au-Pere Museum where the submarine
HMCS Onondaga is on display. Pictured here are Daniel, Anne-Marie Bourassa and Moe Allard.
Click the image above to visit the site.

HMCS Victoria Class Cutaway with Lazcom

In Unheard, Unseen, Daniel Little shows the Royal Canadian Navy at its best as the crew of the submarine HMCS Corner Brook is dispatched
to deliver a squad of US Navy SEALs on a mission that will see both of them forced to deal not only with the inherent suspense
of a special operation, but also with a deadly game of cat and mouse.
In the cutaway above, you can see the layout of the Victoria Class SSK's.
(Image used with permission of Canadian Government)

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Unheard, Unseen... Reviews:

Dave Shirlaw
Editor of SeaWaves Magazine:
Seawaves Magazine

Kudos to Mr Little for having the ambition and drive to write a novel to this historically underserved market. There is enough potential visible to recommend this book as long as one remembers that this is a first effort. I look forward to seeing marked improvement in his second novel which I look forward to reading. Read The full review here.

Dwayne Hill

Just finished reading Unheard Unseen…good novel. Nice to see the canucks doing it right.
View Dwayne Hill's INCREDIBLE collection of radio control warships and submarines by clicking here


Donald Courcy

Donald Courcy Website

While waiting for the winds to die down, I visited the Empress of Ireland display and saw your book Unheard, Unseen on the shelf. So I
bought it and read it the next day. What a book ! I really enjoyed it. Visit Donald's website by clicking here.

Chris Corso (Screen Writer) 

Morning Mr. Little...I just finished Unheard, Unseen. Really a good read--dramatic and educational. A nice blend of fiction and the possible reality of...Your reverence for all things Navy shines through. A game of Chicken at seven-hundred feet ala "Rebel without a cause" that was fun. 

Murray Austin

I spent 22 years in the Navy on the surface. I actually enjoyed the whole story although I don't have any background on the subs some of your general orders and such have more of an American slant than Canadian (A lot of our bridge orders and replies are throwbacks from the Royal Navy).  I found it entirely believable overall. Just wanted to drop a line to say hi and look forward to rading your next endeavor.